Mani Mantra

We Believe in Positive Affirmations

Our process

Long-lasting nail polish to enhance beauty and wellbeing.

Every color we create is a positive affirmation or mantra* intended for manifesting abundance and positivity.

When feeling nervous, disoriented, or emotionally fragile, reciting a mantra inspiringly can change the state of your mind by uplifting its energy and atmosphere.

*A "mantra" is that which protects the mind from negativity. 

Our Steps for Manifesting


Base Coat: Set Your Intention

Begin every manicure (and each day!) by setting a clear and definite layer of “Set Your Intention” base coat as your foundation for manicuring and manifesting.


Mantra/Positive Affirmation Nail Color

For 10+ days of gorgeous wear, apply 2-3 coats of the gel-like Mantra/Positive Affirmation color of choice; as your nails set to dry between layers, still your mind and focus your energy on the positivity you intend to manifest in the world.


Top Coat: Gratitude

Always seal your manicure with our top coat "Gratitude" and know from this moment forward, gratitude will touch every corner of your life.

Together, let's redefine beauty, one manicure at a time.