Our Story

We Believe in the Law of Attraction

Every color we create is named with a positive affirmation or mantra* designed for manifesting abundance and positivity for the wearer and those in their aura.

When feeling nervous, disoriented, or emotionally fragile- chanting or reciting a mantra inspiringly can change the state of your mind by transforming its energy and atmosphere.

*A "mantra" is that which protects the mind from negativity.


pink love manicure  

The Magic of Color

For reasons I never understood, I was always drawn to the color yellow.

I came to understand the metaphysical powers this specific color had (and all colors have) that evoked positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings within me.

Realizing this,

I created The Mani Co. as a Self-Care & Beauty platform to be held to the highest standards. Each product allows me to share the sense of responsibility I’d developed to help others live as positively and colorfully as one can.

To this very day,

I wear, meditate, and surround myself with the color yellow to feel more connected to my souls’ purpose: making magic visible to the world through color.

yellow field
Nina and Frambles

About the Founder

Born and raised in South Florida, Nina Massinello & her fearless sidekick (Frambles), believe the time is now to shift the focus of the Beauty industry from vanity and inward to mental wellness and intrinsic beauty.

"The majority of cosmetics is all profit and no soul. Deep in my soul, I know beauty is already within the reach of all of us. I intend to see this beautiful shift manifest and hope you will help me share this with the entire world."

Less Vanity, More Sanity

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